Fuel 4 Fridays: Presidential Debate, Interning Abroad and Book Recommendations

In this #Fuel4Fridays episode, we delve into how important body language was during the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Our guest, Rich Kurtzman from Barcelona SAE shares various opinions on this topic. He also discusses cultural adaptation for students who intern and study abroad as well as the learning experiences they can gain from an international internship.


People On The Grid Interview Jessica Boston

People On The Grid with Jessica Boston

Jessica Boston is a practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy based in Barcelona. It is different from traditional schools of hypnotherapy. It is an approach that uses principles of neuroscience to change the way you experience the world and redefine deep-rooted beliefs. It is more flexible and produces long last results.


Barcelona’s Street Artists

It’s official: with so many great artists in Barcelona, the artwork can no longer be contained within museums, and has started to flow throughout the streets. Street artists have created hundreds of masterpieces that are waiting to be discovered around every corner of the city.

On the neighbourhood block, the formal rules of art can be put aside, and each artist can express their creativity as boldly and unabashedly as they desire. While the museum or gallery may be reserved for the elite, this hasn’t stopped the disenfranchised and countercultural people of Barcelona from painting this city in their unique style. The streets have become a canvas for the people of Barcelona, freely expressing their dissatisfactions, their points of pride, or anything else which may come to mind.


Forget the Mall: Let’s Go to the Public Market

Every neighbourhood in Barcelona is blessed with its own market. Locals have the convenience of grabbing fresh and organic products anytime they want all the while appreciating the beauty of their very own market. It’s also important to notice how, unlike supermarkets, which tend to sell plastic-wrapped products, public markets are as much sustainable as they are enjoyable.

Whether you have an interest for handicraft or you want to satisfy your inner foodie, Barcelona has the market for you. Here is our diverse list of the trends at some of the best public markets in Barcelona.


Why is Barcelona a Sustainable City?

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic nowadays. People want to do good for the planet and be conscious of their daily habits. We also need to educate people in the house and streets like food waste, recycling products and packaging, energy and water. People want to make the planet more beautiful and livable every single day. It’s all about the people, planet and profit. We should all be aware that it’s important to look after the world and not to let it become an ugly place to live and share amongst the population.  So it’s increasingly important to create and make things better for the planet plus be conscious of our daily habits.