Guiri On The Grid with Lucy Beckwith with Yo/Mu

This week we are speaking with Lucy Beckwith, co-creator of YO/MU. YO/MU is the innovative experience that fuses the balance of yoga with the healing and energizing elements as live music. While the live music provides the perfect way to get out of your own head, yoga provides an excellent form of expression and exercise. In her classes, Lucy combines her own style of dance like vinyasa sequence with co-creator, composer and cellist Pepe Arias’s fusion of electronic beats and live cello.

Visit YO/MU here and find out more about Pepe Arias at here.

Find out more about Project Codols 16, which combines original live music, fine food, and art, here.

To find out more, listen to our podcast below!


1 thought on “Guiri On The Grid with Lucy Beckwith with Yo/Mu

  • I have been to yo/mu classes whenever I can. Lucy is the best yoga teacher I have come across in 30 years of practice. The combination of her teaching and the cello is unique. They need to be celebrated for their wonderful fusion of unpretension art. Their generosity of spirit makes the experience unique from two very talented artists.

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