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People On The Grid Interview with Gema

This week Katrina Logie interviewed Gema the founder behind popular expat and social event blog Guiris en Barcelona. Gema is a warm and bubbly soul and brightened up our day in just minutes of meeting her. We chatted with Gema about her business, from start to where she is currently.

There’s a quote on the Guiris en Barcelona facebook page that says “home is where the sun is”, Gema is the sun, with her  smile and laughter – which you can feel and hear throughout the interview. Guiris en Barcelona is a platform for international people and traveler to find and meet the hidden Barcelona. Through Guiris, Gema offers a series of events and happenings that show the city from a different and alternative point of view. The events bring Spanish Culture to expats. She provides alternative places and events, parties, restaurants and all things culture to do in Barcelona in English. The website was created with the intention to make cultural insights more accessible to “outsiders” to make them “insiders”. She promotes all events to expats, travelers and anyone seeking out international environments, good company, and fun new opportunities.

Gema’s business started out as a way to promote small businesses and emerging projects in Barcelona, with a focus on alternative and underground culture, visitors could explore and enjoy the city like the locals do. The sense of welcoming is what Gema is striving towards.

She is now at the point where she is doing lots of collaboration and continuous communication with people organizing events around the city. She produces a balanced agenda every week with multiple plans per day so people have options to learn a bit more about culture, art, music, food and traditions. Now, instead of finding other’s events around town, she has started to organize her own.

Running a business on her own, has been a busy busy time. The journy has been great and along the way Gema has found incredible projects and businesses. When it comes to Barcelona, nothing is ever exhausted, there are always new ideas, new projects and new people popping up.

To learn more about Gema and Guiris en Barcelona, you can visit the website at

or check out the facebook page


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