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Samer CreaCities

This week for our People On The Grid podcasts, Katrina Logie got involved with the CreaCities Program. We had the wonderful opportunity to interview 4 people for our show, each with different experiences of the program from both sides of the business. We chatted with two students, a teacher and the founder of The CreaCities Program and Creative Dialogue.

What is CreaCities? It is an initiative that seeks to help creative individuals strengthen their creative business through giving you the tools and knowledge to unlock your potential and gain access to international counterparts and accelerate your business. This project hopes to help the individuals in the creative industries turn their cities into creative cities and global references for businesses. The program explores different creative sectors like design, art, sport, gastronomy, tourism and architecture are among a few. Through trips, talks, workshops and post trip services online.

We first chatted with 2 of the students. Who were in town last week for a workshop, we then chatted with a member of the master and post-graduate program for building your business in the creative industry. Then we finished off chatting with Samer the Director of the Program and the Founder of the Creative Dialogue Association (CDA)

CDA is focused on devising, developing and implementing programs related to creative business and industry. CDA is the Big Guy and CreaCities is one part of the branches.

If you would like to get inspired, exchange and learn knowledge and gain new learning experiences. CreaCities provides a time and space for tomorrow’s creative leaders to do so. You can find out more about Creative Dialogue at or the CreaCities Program at CreaCities.

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