This week on People On The Grid, Katrina Logie interviewed Annamie Paul about the BIPP HUB project which is a social enterprise and “a high-quality workspace, support services & community platform aimed at accelerating & amplifying the impact of Barcelona’s international public policy sector”. – BIPP HUB

Annamie is the Co-Founder of BIPP HUB and recognised the potential for Barcelona to be the capital of International Policies. BIPP stands for Barcelona International Public Policy. The project run’s out of a building in Sant Pau and is a centre to attract and create new organisations that are working on global challenges. They are an independent, private entity but want to cooperate with the government, in hopes of attracting organizations and professionals to the city.

With Annamie we discussed the vision of BIPP HUB  to increase a future in which Barcelona International Public Policy professionals will have access to space, services and a community they need to fulfil their missions and flourish.

The type of people/ residents they work with range from university graduates and start-ups to seasoned professionals. Anyone wanting to conceptualise, develop and implement ground-breaking solutions to global issues.

BIPP HUB offers a workspace, for co-working and incubation, fundraising consulting, and landing services.  Annamie hopes to become the global hub spot (hence the name BIPP HUB) for international public policy and positive global change. This project has many benefits, for Barcelona, residents, and to the IPP sector.

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