Algorithm Blog Post

Buzzword: What is an Algorithm?

Simply put an algorithm is a set of steps that gets you from point A to point B and then to the finish line. A third addition to the Buzzword series, recently, with technology becoming more and more powerful and present in practically every aspect of life. Now, this one doesn’t bother me as much as some others do, however until I started writing this post, I never actually knew what it was, just that is was used in computer coding and people were dropping it in a lot of conversations. So, what is an algorithm and why should you care about it? (more…)

Buzzword: Millennials – The Most Talked About Generation

Bringing back the buzzword concept (words that people are tired of hearing/ overused). The term “Millennials” is used to define the generation that was born close to or during the New Millennial – wow, a very non-complicated explanation. Because this is a fairly recent generation, nobody has clearly defined the lines for the start and finish. Some people say 1980’s – 2000, some say 1980- 2005, and some say 1980 – 1995. As a twenty-year-old (born 1996) sometimes I am classified as a Millennial, and sometimes I am not. Throughout this entire post, I am going to count how many times I use the word Millennial and tell you the total at the end. I too will have probably overused it. This Generation is also referred to as Generation Y. So let’s try and use that more than the “M” word.


People On The Grid Video Interview with Flames Method

People On The Grid with Laura and Monica Flames

We recently had the pleasure to do a video interview with wellness and therapy practitioners Laura and Monica Flames, together these two colourful ladies cover what seems like every therapy and discipline under the sun. They also have come up with a method of their own called “The Flames Method”. Watch the interview and share your thoughts!


People On The Grid Interview with BIPP HUB

People On The Grid with BIPP HUB

This week on People On The Grid, Katrina Logie interviewed Annamie Paul about the BIPP HUB project which is a social enterprise and “a high-quality workspace, support services & community platform aimed at accelerating & amplifying the impact of Barcelona’s international public policy sector”. – BIPP HUB (more…)

Blog: Capture Video Audience

8 Tips On How To Capture Your Video Audience

Videos are the new pictures if a picture is worth 1000 words than a 3-minute video is worth 1,000,000. In one class last semester, we read a textbook called “Watching YouTube” by Dr.Strangelove. In the textbook, he talked about how amateur videos are taking over the internet and hence the success of YouTube and other video producing, promoting, and watching platforms. (more…)