The New Age of Advertising 2016

Advertisements have been in existence for over 1500 years. It is estimated that we see over 3,000 to 5,000 advertising messages daily. This makes it more difficult to have brands stay in the mind of the consumer. Companies have been revolutionizing advertising to get their message across without seeming like an advertisement. Is this the future of marketing and the advertising industry?

Becuase we see so many ads and messages, it is very likely that we don’t even notice all of them. We unconsciously block them out to avoid information overload. For this reason, advertisements need new and innovative ways to stick in the consumer mind. They have already revolutionized in some ways but here we tell you of a few new age examples.

Under Armour has been successful in this area by creating a game on Snapchat where you can pretend to be Cam Newton. This was a creative way of advertising because it conveyed their message without seeming like an advertisement. Under Armour isn’t the only company utilizing unconventional advertising.


Quaker Oats came up with Oatober where they are posting daily recipes using oats for the entire month of October. This is a smart way to get people to buy oats by inspiring people to cook and using Quaker Oats in the process. You can find these recipes on Quaker Oat’s Instagram or Pinterest account.


Unconventional advertising has continued to multimedia as well. CVS partnered with Ellen and did a video with Michelle Obama and Ellen going to CVS. Millions of people watched the video and generated buzz for CVS. Other companies like Lyft are doing the same thing by having celebrities pretending to be Lyft drivers and video-taping the experiences.


In order for companies to stay in the mind of the consumer it is important that companies change the meaning of advertising. Advertising no longer means print ads, but now means more of an innovative way of getting the consumer to buy the product.