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In this week’s Fuel4Fridays English radio episode, we discuss some of the hottest topics in company work ethic and City Branding. With our wonderful guests Carlos Cruz Rastrojo and Elena Villaescusa Bermudo.



Exercise helps your mind awaken and you process information we talk about how that relates to effectiveness in the workplace tune in to find out. Carlos is from the Start-Up Grind and Elena from SAE. We also talk about City Branding later on – topics you don’t want to miss out on! Carlos tells us about the importance of keeping people happy in the workplace; he does this by sharing moments that are not work focused and building relationships outside of work hours. Communication is also important with and between the whole team. Our favourite tip is to incorporate humour into daily workplace interactions. There is a movement coming to workplace that are focusing on productivity and happiness having equal balance.

Some themes discussed in this episode:

  • How to increase work effectiveness in companies and how to be proactive while at work.
  • The benefits of hiring international interns.
  • Effective team-building activities and techniques.
  • How different cities market themselves and compete with each other.

Exercise helps your mind awaken and you process information.

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