Why is Barcelona a Sustainable City?

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic nowadays. People want to do good for the planet and be conscious of their daily habits. We also need to educate people in the house and streets like food waste, recycling products and packaging, energy and water. People want to make the planet more beautiful and livable every single day. It’s all about the people, planet and profit. We should all be aware that it’s important to look after the world and not to let it become an ugly place to live and share amongst the population.  So it’s increasingly important to create and make things better for the planet plus be conscious of our daily habits.

Frankfurt, London and Copenhagen. They are the three most sustainable cities in the world. Barcelona is not on the list for the top 10 most sustainable cities yet, but the city is working on it in a good way. Barcelona is becoming a smart city and is trying to become sustainable on every corner of the city.

But in what way is Barcelona a sustainable city?  Places like Holland and Copenhagen are bike cities, which is very good for the environment as well as having solar energy and windmills. Barcelona has taken its time to understand these positive natural energy resources but Barcelona is becoming more of a biking city each day with additional bike lanes to add to its busy roads adding to it’s already popular skating and scooter culture. How is Barcelona really making a conscious decision regarding sustainable items?

Barcelona is a mass tourism city and is now the first city in the world that has the best sustainable tourism, rewarded with a Biosphere certification. The award recognizes the city as a sustainable tourism destination committed to developing responsible tourism and including sustainable, environmental and cultural management.

Barcelona strives to be a sustainable city and so they thought of a plan: why not make the tourism sustainable as well? And so sustainable tourism was born. Barcelona wants its residents and visitors to enjoy the many attractions that the city offers in a balanced way that respects the environment. The city also allows visitors to mingle with its residents and enjoy its intense identity. It is a city that is valued for its cultural heritage but which also opens it up to the tourists.

The Barcelona City Council decided to build a sustainable city, combined with the citizens devotion of helping the environment. That enabled Barcelona to manage the environment more successfully than other European capitals.

But how does sustainable tourism work? The sustainable tourism is managed by a complex system where visitors and the residents merge into a whole. The actions and programs for this sustainable tourism project started in 2010 and is getting bigger and bigger in the whole city. A few programs are: new water culture, green city, bike city and a less waste city.

Like I said, doing good for the world is important. If you get a little urge to do better or to change it up for yourself, come to the Green Scene event hosted by The Grid. We provide amazing sustainably conscious food, live music and speakers who will talk about living more sustainable. For more information about this event go to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/336995263357059/


It’s time to make a change!