Why is Barcelona a Sustainable City?

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic nowadays. People want to do good for the planet and be conscious of their daily habits. We also need to educate people in the house and streets like food waste, recycling products and packaging, energy and water. People want to make the planet more beautiful and livable every single day. It’s all about the people, planet and profit. We should all be aware that it’s important to look after the world and not to let it become an ugly place to live and share amongst the population.  So it’s increasingly important to create and make things better for the planet plus be conscious of our daily habits.


Sustainable and Ethical Living: Coffee

If you are an adult living in the U.S., there is an 83% chance that you are a coffee drinker. Though it is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, people around the world still have different opinions of the benefits and consequences of this habit. Is it good or bad for our health? While some blame the caffeinated drink for several health issues, other studies showed it can lead to a longer life. I definitely enjoy my morning wake-me-up. Like many products we buy, coffee is produced most by low-income families in under-developed countries.