People On The Grid Video Interview with Flames Method

People On The Grid with Laura and Monica Flames

We recently had the pleasure to do a video interview with wellness and therapy practitioners Laura and Monica Flames, together these two colourful ladies cover what seems like every therapy and discipline under the sun. They also have come up with a method of their own called “The Flames Method”. Watch the interview and share your thoughts!


People On The Grid Interview with Nuria Palma

People On The Grid with Nuria Palma

In this week’s People On The Grid podcast, we chatted with Nuria Palma, a Communication Manager at Valkiria Hub space. We discussed the World Work Innovation Summit 2016. This year’s conference was a great success with more than 100 participants. The Summit welcomes all and has many different dynamics surrounding the topic of the future of work and labour market.


People On The Grid Interview with Sarah Bayaidah

People On The Grid with Sarah Bayaidah

Sarah Bayaidah travels all around the world creating heart-shaped bicycle routes to inspire people to follow their hearts! What got her onto this path? Listen to our #PeopleOnTheGrid #podcast #interview with her to find out what inspired her and how she founded Cycle Your Heart Out, the world’s first heart-shaped cycling & wellbeing initiative!