People On The Grid with Ian Gibbs

In this week’s People On The Grid, we meet with Ian Gibbs. Ian is a life coach, author and trainer originally from Sheffield, England. He helps people to achieve their goals and find success in their lives using the Sorites Principle and other individual and group techniques. Ian has dedicated his life to education, personal development and life coaching. Listen to People on the Grid to learn more about his work and his novel.

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People On The Grid with Teresa Ferreiro – Author and Motivational Speaker

In today’s People On The Grid, we met with Teresa Ferreiro. After living in many parts of the world where she worked in communication and marketing. This award-winning author, coach and motivational speaker, discovered she had breast cancer. Today, we talk about her experience with Cancer and how it led her to write the book “I have breast cancer – What now?”.

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People On The Grid with Andrej Klemencic

Does the way we speak matter in business? According to Andrej Klemencic it does, and we are sold! Listen to our latest #PeopleOnTheGrid podcast with the CEO and lead coach of ProSpeech Coaching! Continue reading “People On The Grid with Andrej Klemencic”

Coaching Column: Paperless But Not Powerless

Column – by Sam Mednicklogo_500px


Hi Sam,

I’m embarking on my sixth year living in Barcelona and I’m still struggling with visa issues. Until now, I’ve managed to find part-time jobs teaching English, handing out flyers, doing event promotions, bar tending, waitressing (under the table)—you name it, I’ve done it.

It was fine at the beginning, but now that I want to set up a life here, I’d like a stable job with a steady income. I’ve found a way to get a visa, but it’s probably going to take another year until it’s sorted. In the meantime, I’m going a little crazy with these odd jobs and don’t want to wait a year to start making more money. I know you can’t speed up the visa process, but any thoughts as to how I can make a good living even if I’m not yet legal, would be greatly appreciated!

Illegal Alien

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