Technology has come a long way in a very short time. Now this is not a history lesson on technology; however, airwaves are under recognized as key contributors to technological innovation in the present.

Technology is now a key player in all elements of consumer existence. The use of airwaves and radio frequencies today are important; they have outgrown their sole use as a technological communication device and now facilitate other technological advancements

The use of radio-frequencies is turning everything into trackable objects. An up-and-coming technology known as Radio-Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) is everywhere. In credit cards, business access passes, etc. These tags allow for fast, automated identification of physical objects (including people).

Fun Fact: RFID tags are in our smart phones with apps like Apple Pay, Google Wallet. Our mobile devices are RFID’S. Everything Digital is trackable. They are everywhere, in some places we don’t even think about.

This speed and increased efficiency has its perks – you can carry less in your wallet and more on your phone with Apple Pay. If you loose your phone, you can easily track its location using the “Find My Phone” App on any Smart Phone device.

RFID tags are already being used in many industries to track inventory and manage supply chains. However, the efficiency of RFID tags is now being tested in retail locations. Amazon is taking on a new approach to integrate RFID into it’s supply chain. In hopes of consumers experiencing a faster delivery, lower expenses, with a greater selection. As well as in Amazon Pop-Up stores, it’s rumored that customers soon will be able to pick up an item and walk out without having to pay in-store. The RFID tag attached to the object will allow Amazon to apply the charge to the consumers account. Could this be a way to prevent shoplifting?

Amazon is an icon for innovation creating attention for its technological experiments for customer pleasure.