Co-Working the new effective working

Effective Co-Working

Barcelona not only has lots of spirit — it is constantly renewing itself. From BizBarcelona to coworking spaces, new initiatives are always sprouting up around the city to give young (and experienced) entrepreneurs increasingly more opportunities to grow their businesses. However, as with any tool, these development opportunities must be used properly to yield positive results.


People On The Grid Interview with Samaya Gorgona

People on the Grid with Samaya Gorgona

Listen to People on the Grid with Samaya Gorgona, a freakshow theater actress, fashion designer, and a vaudeville. This was Samaya’s first interview in Spain! We learned a little bit of Samaya’s past – growing up in Russia, and her travels from then until now! What brought her to Barcelona? Listen here to learn about Samaya, her past, present, and future.