Cards Against Conflict

Card games have risen in popularity in recent years. Games like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity are known to bring groups of friends and strangers together with laughter and fun. One card game, however, is doing this while starting insightful conversations to bring peace to conflict areas in Read more…

People On The Grid Interview with with Enquiry

People On The Grid with Enquiry by Pentagon Wave

In this, People On The Grid, we chatted with Steven Pineda and Héléa Khaizourane from Pentagon Wave, a social enterprise that aims to level cultures and to unit generations for greater experiences in life. They developed Enquiry, which can be described as the union of different fields to help conflict resolution and mental balance. It is a powerful tool in the form of a card game that can create experiences of peace, respect, and acceptance and it aims to build the future generation of warriors of peace.