Purposeful Leadership: Change Your Business and the World Around You

Actions have consequences. This seems like a common statement, but how many people contemplate this statement when carrying out their day-to-day activities or running a business?


Purposeful leadership is a new approach to management, and can be as a management tool in business or even in your daily life. The concept is simple. Just think to yourself, “how will my actions affect those I lead?”


We are holding a roundtable discussion on September 20th at Cloud Coworking start at 7 PM, where we will be talking to the leadership of different companies as they explain how they are implementing purposeful leadership with their own staff. We will hear from speakers like Mehdi J. Alaoui, Growth Strategy and Business Development at GE Renewable, Koert Grever, Education for Business Leaders with Purpose at IESE, Sorin Tomus, expert in Leadership and Change management, Arit Balcells Alexander, CEO and Co founder of LALO Experience, Carlos Piera Serra, founder and CEO for Delivering Happiness Spain, and Zsuzsa Csuvár, Director of Customer Care for Typeform.com.


There will also be two mini-workshops covering innovation and culture in the workplace. They will last 15 minutes each and compliment the thoughts and advice of our speakers on elevating your business.


So, as you’re probably wondering, what exactly is this leadership style then?


This leadership method takes conscious values of a company and instills them into each level of the organization. Instead of the leadership creating and practicing these values, they communicate and encourage them to all employees at every level. Practicing purposeful leadership places importance on the relationship between the company, its employees and its community.


This strong identity of values helps a business in many facets. Not only are the company goals clearer, but they are able to achieve these goals more effectively. Each member of the organization is able to see how they have a role in achieving these four pillars of purpose, culture, leadership, and stakeholders, and communication helps them understand the individual impact they have towards the overall goal.


Another defining feature of purposeful leadership is the compatibility of success for the business and the world around them. Instead of focusing entirely on profits and short-term goals, companies look long-term at their impact and success.


Practicing purposeful leadership means that business are sacrificing themselves in certain areas for a higher cause or purpose. The importance of ethic values in their business is more concerning than achieving success in the moment.


Although this form of leadership isn’t the most monetarily profitable, companies that practices purposeful leadership have greater advantages in other areas of their business. Lower employee turnover rates, stronger morale and a positive impact on the community around you are just some of the benefits of purposeful leadership.


To start creating the foundation of this leadership style, you have to understand your own business and your ethical goals the see how you can marry its success with those goals you have.


After laying this strong foundation, you communicate your goals with your employees to ensure that the goals of the company will help you achieve the impact you want make on the world. By inspiring your employees with your values, you create workers that are more passionate towards your goals and willing to sacrifice their time to achieving them.


Building this morale is the key to success in purposeful leadership. You reduce employee turnover and reinforce these ideals at every level of your company as your workers understand how to personify these ethic pillars. When employees understand how their position impacts the overall goal, they are given a sense of purpose and find their work more meaningful. Clear communication removes uncertainty for employees, leading to a solid identity in values.


By adopting purposeful leadership, companies can create a better and more meaningful cause for their workers while accomplishing their goals more efficiently.


If purposeful leadership is something that interests you, we encourage you to attend our leadership roundtable discussion on September 20th, 7 PM at Cloud Coworking’s new space on Aragon and Passeig St Joan. You can learn how to build your own leadership skills that will in turn benefit your business. You can find more information about the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/433445133733441/


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