People On The Grid with Rooftop Smokehouse Barcelona

POTG Video Interview with Rooftop Smokehouse

We met up with Buster Turner of Rooftop Smokehouse Barcelona and Danny “the Lip” Lippitt, to try out some smoked foods Buster made for us. We chatted with Buster about how he came to where he is now, what the smoking process is like and the techniques he uses. We learned alot!

We’d like to thank, Barcelona BBQ for letting us share this video on our page. You can catch the full podcast here:… Visit

This video was recorded at the Rooftop Smokehouse – Smoked Artisan Goods (

Hosted by Barcelona BBQ – Brian Heinen, and Katrina Logie (

We chatted with chef Buster Turner and special guest, Danny ´the Lip´ Lippitt ( The song used in the video is “Barbiecue” was written by Danny ´the Lip´ and performed with his band, The Brasstards ( Support Local Music!

Production and Video by Local Producer Communications and Events (


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