People On The Grid with Laura and Monica Flames

People On The Grid Video Interview with Flames Method

We recently had the pleasure to do a video interview with wellness and therapy practitioners Laura and Monica Flames, together these two colourful ladies cover what seems like every therapy and discipline under the sun. They also have come up with a method of their own called “The Flames Method”. Watch the interview and share your thoughts!

If you would like to get in contact with Laura or Monica, you reach them on their websites.

Laura’s Website:
Monica’s Website:

The Flames Method Website is coming soon until then you can find any information on either of the websites above.


Katrina: Good morning, we’re here today on People On The Grid with Monica and Laura Flames. Who are both practitioners. Laura is a person growth practitioner and instructor but does many therapies under this title, and Monica is a Special Needs and Emotional Growth Therapist or Specialist. So, together you cover many therapies, and together you are the co-founders of the Flames Method. We could go into many topics about many different therapies, but what I’m interested in is that both of you appear very colourful. What does colour mean to you?

Laura: Well, it is one of the disciplines that we use to treat people.

Katrina: Monica?

Monica: We use Aura-soma which is a colour therapy, but as well we also have a little bit of soul of an artist. We also like to do things showing your true colours and to understand people as unique from their colours. So they way we dress, is also a way of expressing how we feel, who we are and who you’re treating.

Katrina: You both decided to go into wellness and therapy. Did you always know that you wanted to do this? Laura, what was it for you?

Laura: When I was 19, my physic channels opened up, but I was very skeptical, and I didn’t want to accept that. I was told I would end up doing this kind of job and I didn’t take this. I went into the corporate world for about ten years. When I had this inner call, I had to follow it. I started a personal transformation, an emotional growth process and everything that was working for me; then I got trained in that. That’s how it all started.

Katrina: Wow, and what about you Monica?

Monica: For me, it was a long process, I really didn’t know what to do with my life, so, I did Journalism, I did Interior Design, I worked for companies. But then, there was a moment that I wanted to do something that gave meaning to my life. Then, what happened, is I started connecting to my passions. So for example; I really love children, I love working with children, and I like art. I like painting; I like drawing, I like writing. Slowly, I started getting an education, connect art therapy with therapies, to see if I can help people with that. It was a little by little step by step, that took me to connect everything together like art, therapy, special needs.

Katrina: I always think that it’s important to take small steps to reach big steps, and to be on the right path. Together you’ve created the Flames Method. So what is that and how did you come up with the Flames Method?

Laura: After studying many disciplines and using them with myself, I reached a point where I couldn’t do more in my personal process. So I asked my guides for help, and they were giving me exercises to help myself, and I saw the connection with all the dimensions. I saw that the results were amazing with myself and I immediately started to use them with my patients. Right away the results were very similar; the situations were very similar. Little by little I started to share them with Monica because she was living in Madrid at that time. We started sharing ideas and exercises. We didn’t realise we were channelling a method.

Katrina: The method is?

Laura: It is based on the balance between the masculine and the feminine energies in a person and the connection with the higher self. The true essence. Because most problems that people have are based on the wrong references that we have about the feminine and the masculine energy. When you help people connect with those references, through past life therapy. To the positive lives that they have had with he ideal mother and the ideal father, many many things start to get in order.

Katrina: In terms of the Flames Method, is this something that you’ve created. It’s unique to you two.

Laura: Yes, it is a method based on specific exercises in a process. You clean different things, different aspects. Then you continue cleaning them to a higher level, at a higher level, at a higher level.

Katrina: And what kind of results do you get from the Flames Method?

Monica: There are people that really get a better clarity towards what they really want to do in lives, connect to their purpose. Relationships, there’s a lot of improvement in relationships; parents, children, couples. People that really overcome anxiety or depression. Things that have had for a long, long time. Sometimes it’s unblocking; sometimes it’s growing. We just focus on helping people to either grow and expand or to really overcome things that make them suffer. Connect them to another way of seeing life, another way of working. From a point where my true essence is guiding my actions, my decisions and relationships.

Katrina: But you’re method, both of you have different therapies that compliment each other. Are you going to be doing any workshops or events that people can come along and learn about it?

Laura: Sure, we do that constantly. We do workshops that last half a day, one day. Based on this method and also retreats, two days, three days, four-day retreats.

Katrina: Great, so where can people find out about these?

Laura: On our webpages.

Monica: and mine is

Katrina: And you’re going to have a website, for flames method.

Monica: Yes, we are in the process, because we want to put all this together, so people can find out more about Flames Method. So we are now, in the process of creating a place that people can just know more about Flames Method. But, we will also have information about it, on our websites.

Katrina: I would like to see it in one place.

Laura: You will.

Katrina: Well thank you very much for joining us, today, on People On The Grid. We look forward to following your work and seeing positive things.

Monica: Thank you so much!

Laura: Thank you.



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