People On The Grid with Gudppl

People On The Grid Interview with Gudppl Founder

This week while we were at The Mobile World Congress 2017, we met up with Harinda Fonseka, the CEO, and Founder of Gudppl. Gudppl is a social network that connects volunteers around the world. There has never been a platform for volunteers to display their work with recognition… until now! We love projects that are facilitating positive change in the world and Gudppl is a perfect opportunity to build communities around public service and doing something meaningful.

Last year during the Mobile World Congress we met Harinda for the first time, at that time he was looking for inspiration. One year later and Gudppl is about to launch to the world. Harinda explained Gudppl (Good People) as a social network platform that is kind of like LinkedIn but for volunteers. The passion behind this startup is to make a positive and meaningful impact around the world through providing and participating in volunteer opportunities. Not only will this platform display volunteer opportunities but it will also recognize and promote acts of kindness and generosity.

They connect people of all ages, skill sets and interests who want to volunteer with those who need volunteers. The mission of this project to become the go-to resource for individuals and organizations or groups looking to find volunteering opportunities, or promote and find volunteers.


Check out thier website here



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