Today on People On The Grid we will be talking with Francesca Oddie who fell in love with astrology at a young age. The magic that she loves and wants to share with you is the explicable part of astrology. Listen as we learn to understand the requirements of an individual from their natal chart, discuss love, compatibility and more! Francesca’s goal is to demystify astrology, to translate it’s wisdom into workable tools that self-awareness. Her consultations usually double up as lessons! A workshop with Francesca will explain the basics, the big three, as astrologers call them! Our sun, moon and rising sign; how they drive our decisions and how to work with them. Willing participants can submit their charts before the event to be used as examples after a run through of the twelve signs and their talents.

The point of all this?

To become aware of any tricky parts of ourselves (we all have them!) and come up ideas to stop them sabotaging our fulfillment.



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