Using Music As A Productivity Tool by Randy Rogers

Who doesn’t love music? At some point in your life, odds are you’ve found at least one song that has meant the world to you. Did you know music can also be helpful in a work environment? This week we are featuring a guest blog about music and productivity by Randy Rogers from Musiciansbyte, a website dedicated to the world of music.

Do you prefer to work in silence or with some music on? If you chose the latter, you are probably more productive and happier than your non-music listening colleagues.
In the following infographic by MusiciansByte, it investigates the correlation between music and office productivity.
Aside from the aforementioned advantages, listening to music while working is believed to decrease stress, aids in memory, and helps boost motivation.
To learn more about the benefits of music, please check out the infographic below:



About the Author:

My name is Randy and I am 27 years old. Most of my time I dedicate to the world of music and that is I perfectly understand how important music can be to some of us. And that is one of the reasons why I have made musician byes website.


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