Guiri On The Grid with Javier Navarro

Today on Guiri On The Grid, we are talking to the artist behind El Dios De Los Tres, Javier Navarro. Javier is an artist and illustrator based out of Madrid and Barcelona. He is considered a multidisciplinary artist, who likes to create images, symbols, aesthetics and stories from his particular vibrant colourful world with a surrealist and baroque style.

In his unique style, he combines drawing, mural, editorial illustration, textile design, tattooing, fashion, advertising, branding, signage, and merchandising. His artistic work has led him to win several contests and to exhibit his work in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Miami, Florence, Prague or New York.

You can find him on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

To find out more about Javier and his art, listen to our podcast below!


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