Barcelona’s Newest Economy – Sharing!

To claim that technology brings us together has become somewhat of a cliché. But recent years have seen the growth of the sharing economy, in where technology has — literally — brought people together.

Barcelona has never been a city to shy away from innovation, and its got hundreds of startups to prove it. It is fair to say that Barcelona is a testing grounds for this new way of life, where any two people can be connected by a smartphone.

Lets look at some of the coolest startups in Barcelona that are making the sharing economy a tangible way of life:

Yo No Desperdicio: Thanks to Uber and AirBnb, a few taps on a smartphone can get you a ride in someone else’s car or accommodation in someone else’s home. And now, thanks to Yo No Desperdicio, it can also get you a plate of your neighbour’s leftovers. This NGO aims to prevent food waste around Spanish cities by proving people the option to give away their extra food to others nearby, rather than wastefully throwing it away.

Wollapop: There’s hardly anything you can’t find on Wollapop. This is a trading app which allows its users to buy, sell or exchange their belongings with people around their neighbourhoods. The app uses your geolocation to give you the distance between you and the seller, so you don’t even need to walk too far for a new bookshelf, or pencil case or ‘90s CD player.

Deliberry: In Barcelona, you can find people who are willing to do your grocery shopping for you. They’re committed to hopping around supermarkets to find the best produce and prices, and handing it off to the buyer within an hour.

Glovo: Going to stores may actually become extinct as Glove gains popularity. This app allows you to order anything — yes, anything — from around Barcelona, to be delivered to your home within the hour. Cold medicine, fresh baguettes, T-shirts and new headphones are all on the table with Glovo.