4YFN Highlights

This year’s 4YFN was full of inspiring and innovative startups who are on their way to revolutionizing how we use technology for the better. Below are 10 of our favourite startups:

  1. A-muse

This company uses music and technology to help health centres increase motivation for therapy in patients. Through personalized music therapy patients can improve their motivation, self-confidence, and social skills. For more information, visit their website at http://www.amusetech.co/.

2. Bwom

Bwom is a smartphone app for women’s health that allows users to create personalized health plans in order to boost their physical and emotional health. It tackles the questions of women’s intimate health, including those related to pregnancy and sex. For more information, check them out at https://www.b-wom.com/en/.

3. Viisights

This startup innovates video processing for behavioural recognition. Their technology uses neural networks that are programmed to analyze data and automatically recognize the behaviour of subjects in the video. This technology has the potential to revolutionize how video surveillance is used for security purposes by automating the analysis of video files in order to determine the behaviour of subjects in the videos. To learn more about viisights, visit their website at https://www.viisights.com/solutions/.

4. Nous4Health

This startup uses advanced technology to create health-related products and services which are personalized according to each user’s requirements. They have developed a children’s role-playing game that teaches children with illnesses such as diabetes about making healthy choices. By empowering those with chronic illnesses, Nous4Health aims to promote healthy living. For more information on Nous4Health and their products, visit their website at http://nous4health.com/.

5. Mediktor

This advanced medical aid smartphone app uses AI to evaluate your symptoms in order to conducts a prediagnosis by evaluating your systems. AI allows the user to describe how they feel in their own words while also asking questions in order to determine your illness. It also allows you to connect with a specialist. Check out this innovative app which you can try at https://www.mediktor.com/en.

6. Childcare On

Childcare On is a communication platform for kindergarten and nursery school teachers, students, and parents to connect with one another. The app and design can also be customized by the school. By facilitating communication between teachers and parents this app allows parents to monitor their children’s educational progress and easily resolve issues. To learn more, visit Childcare On at https://childcareon.com/.

7. The Valley

The Valley is a digital business school and digital ecosystem that connects talent, knowledge, and innovation. While offering programs to business directors and senior and young professionals, they also provide a co-working space for digital startups. Another program, The Valley Talent, also is a headhunter for digital profiles. For more information on The Valley and their services, visit https://thevalley.es/.

8. Ethical Time

Ethical Time is the first smartphone app to focus on sustainable fashion. The user first can navigate using a map or with search criteria such as location, price, or age. They can then select options such as vegan clothing, clothing made using natural dyes, second-hand clothing, or clothes that are part of the circular economy. Check out this innovative startup at https://www.verkami.com/projects/19276-ethical-time-la-1a-app-de-moda-sostenible.

9. Yo También Leo

This smartphone application focuses on teaching children with Down syndrome to read in an accessible manner. Yo También Leo aims to personalize the reading education that children with Downs syndrome receive by tailoring it to their own needs and learning pace. Learn more about Yo También Leo at http://yotambienleo.com/wp/.

10. reCircula

This startup aims to boost recycling by equipping recycling bins with solar-powered meters that reimburse users for recycling via a smartphone application. The meters also provide local authorities with user data for improving existing recycling programs. Check out their website for more information: https://recirculasolutions.com/en/.

Be sure to check out their websites for more information. We are already looking forward to next year. See you there!


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