People On The Grid with Jordi Diaz Alamà

POTG Video Interview with Jordi Diaz

This episode, we have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Jordi Díaz Alamà, Director and Program Coordinator of the Barcelona Academy of Art. Jordi has worked with internationally acclaimed painter Guillermo Muñoz Vera and is the winner of several awards, including first place in the Figurativas ’11 Contest.

Jordi Diaz Alamà currently tutors at the Barcelona Academy of Art, the first Spanish school to teach drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art using a complete curriculum and teaching methods stemming from the classic- realistic tradition.

In this interview with The Grid BCN founder Katrina Logie, he shares his experience and thoughts on questions such as his style of work, his best experience as a tutor, and what he sees for the future of art with digital art becoming more popular. To see more information on the BAA, visit their website at


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