What’s New In Tech & Talk: The Mobile World Congress

The countdown is on. In just one month, thousands of people will be coming to Barcelona to attend the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry – The Mobile World Congress, hosted by GSMA. The event is four days long February 27th to March 2nd. This conference is to help businesses and individuals become familiar with new technology withing the mobile industry.

“The mobile industry continues to be characterized by high levels of growth and opportunity, and as the industry becomes more dynamic, the opportunities within it increase in equal amount, as do the challenges.” – Mobile World Congress Website

So, this year, the Mobile World Congress conference program will embrace this fast-paced growth and dynamism and “will provide an essential, in-depth coverage of the contemporary and future mobile industry, highlighting specific areas of growth and opportunity.” -– Mobile World Congress Website

The conference event will cover the latest technological developments, next generation services, and growth strategies.  Some of the keynote speakers to make a note of are, Reed Hastings, the Founder, and CEO of Netflix, John Stanley the CEO at AT&T Entertainment Group and AT&T Services Inc, among many others.

This major event coming to Barcelona has spurred our interest in what is currently happening in tech and talk. Below you’ll find some interesting things going on in the mobile industry, tech, and talk.

Snapchat did something innovative in 2015, they introduced facial filters. They used a new technology called Artificial Intelligence Lenses (AI) to make their network interactive, engaging and most of all unique to any other. However, their competitors are catching up quickly. Facebook and Instagram have been testing out facial lenses in 2016. Instagram, like snap chat, launched Instagram stories, that can be watching for 24 hours.

2017 will also see an increase in Chatbots, regarding business and customer relations, Customer care in 2017 is going to be a top priority. It seems like 2016 saw a drastic input of social messages needing responses and not enough resources to output responses. The need for a quick response rate, and more customer/brand interaction, businesses are looking for ways to increase their customer service resources, one way is turning to chatbots. Chatbots are able to improve communication and speed up response times.

Social Messaging is going to expand outside of business encounters in 2017. Driven by millennials – social messaging is the preferred way to communicate. This is because messaging apps have a much wider community of users than larger social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, video has been a big thing in 2016 and will continue to be an even greater thing in 2017. When home videos came out some 20+ years ago, people saw amateur video increasing. Home videos began to replicate Hollywood films with the formats and storylines. Then YouTube introduced amateurs to the ideals of producing authentic, real, unfiltered moments and content.

Now social media is taking it to the next level by offering the content in real-time with Live streaming video. We were introduced to Live streaming by Twitter’s Periscope app. And now Facebook Live has launched. Instagram is now launching their own live video option. Millennials are fascinated with live, authentic content. Not only that but Vine and 6-second videos, Instagram with boomerang movie photos, and Facebook introducing the 360-degree photo.

So. What is new in tech and talk in 2017? Trending words include; interactive, authentic, live, and fast-paced. These trends are expected to be major topics at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Finally, if you are looking to start a business and need connections. 4YFN (4 Years From Now) will be at the Mobile World Congress, they are a start-up business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. They want to help connect start-ups, investors, and corporations to launch and create new ventures and initiatives.

Interested in the Mobile World Congress? Visit their website here