Finding your Tribe and Building your Community

When you think of tribes you might think of prehistoric caveman huddled together, going out for hunts together, but thousands of years later humans have changed in many ways but the desire to connect and find your community remains the same. Communities are groups of people who share something, an interest, an attribute, a sense of belonging, they are alike in one way or another. People in communities build connections and grow together. More and more people are working remotely which can leave people isolated. This means that finding your tribe has never been so important. Coworking spaces are growing in popularity but how can you reach out to the people surrounding you? From the day we start preschool we begin searching for our tribe and people to fill our world with, but how as adult communicators and networkers can we find our tribe?

  1.       The importance of Communities

Communities are so important, even if you are an introverted person everyone needs human interaction through shared experiences which can form valued relationships. People crave a sense of belonging and one of the best ways to do this is to find groups of likeminded people but the challenge today comes from the large amounts of people working remotely, which makes these skills even more valuable.

  1.       It is time to do some self-reflection!

What aspects of yourself do you want to build and what kind of relationships do you want to form? In your life you may feel that something is missing so finding people with the attribute you are missing may help to fill this gap. Take this time to meditate on what you need and once you know what you need it will make it easier to find your people. This will also allow you to see what value you can add to other people’s lives and how your skills and ideas can contribute to others. 

  1.       Don’t Judge!

Although it is important to rely on your gut instincts, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give people a chance. Whether you realise it or not everyone has a voice inside their head that judges’ people on their first impression, but if you move past first impressions and focus on what you have in common you never know what this person could contribute to your tribe.

  1.       How to attract the right kind of people

Nothing beats authentic and compassionate relationships that can be formed between people with common attributes and values. Now that you know the kind of people you want to attract, time to let everyone know! Get online, join Facebook groups, or plan a meetup to get in contact with these people. Say that you have an amazing idea for a startup but you are struggling with the paperwork aspect, attend a meetup event for entrepreneurs and discuss with them how they overcame their challenges.  When giving your business a kick-start remember to not only build your community within the workspace but also build your following through clients and consumers. 

  1.       Get Out there!

As valuable as it is to connect online, the most valuable relationships are formed in person. Many freelancers and startups choose to work in coworking spaces as opposed to their homes. These provide you with the opportunity to connect with others face to face and chances are these people are going through similar situations and you can learn and grow alongside one another. If you get chatting to someone at work but want to learn more, see if they want to meet up out of hours to share ideas in a casual environment.


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