Digital Nomadery: The 21st Century Way of Work

Who doesn’t love to travel? It’s 2016, and everyone seems to have caught the travel bug. Even a new lifestyle is emerging to accommodate this widespread desire to see the world: Digital Nomadery. I’m sure you’ve all heard of at least one person living this lifestyle. Jumping from city to city, working from their laptop, all while sight-seeing and partying with people from all over the world.

Welcome to the new working dream. The classic 9 to 5 working lifestyle is becoming “passé”, and if you want to keep up with times, you better start thinking differently.

There’s no doubt that the world is becoming smaller and smaller every year now. With technology and social media, we are able to connect with people from all over the world instantly. That’s without mentioning all of the information that we have access to on the internet. From a plethora of simple tips online, to online communities of travellers, it has never been easier to travel.

Plans-to-travel-the-world-and-the-seven-seasI, myself, have been quite keen on taking advantage of opportunities to see the world. Based in Canada, I spent 6 months in Hong Kong and Asia, and now 4 months in Barcelona and Europe. Do I consider myself a digital nomad? No, but perhaps one day I will be. I can easily say that I am more comfortable and used to being surrounded by people of different nationalities than I am being around a circle of people from my home town. There’s a certain richness in this lifestyle that is pretty irresistible and addictive.

It’s no wonder people are gravitating towards this new way of living – but how can you do it sustainably? Unfortunately, I do not have all of the answers – however, Stuart Jones is a seasoned Digital Nomad and world traveler. Luckily, we have had the pleasure of meeting him and asking him some questions. Next week, our videocast with Jones will be available!

But who is this guy? The Founder of Coworkation: a co-working community, without location and with coworkationtthe moto to be able to work in inspiring places, with inspiring people to do inspiring things. This is his most recent project but he has also been the founder and creator of many other projects such as DMC Solutions Barcelona, Brazil Vibes Travel Agency, Barcelona Vibes, and Stoke Travel. Passionate about travelling the world and making a living while doing that, Jones turned his dream into reality and encourages others to do the same.

“The location-independent movement” as he calls it, is what his projects are all about and what he manages to be able to keep in the forefront of his projects at all times.

Does Digital Nomadery resonate with you? Stay tuned for the videocast next week if you want to learn more about Jones’ projects and lifestyle!


Danielle Marquis

The Grid BCN