Cards Against Conflict

Card games have risen in popularity in recent years. Games like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity are known to bring groups of friends and strangers together with laughter and fun. One card game, however, is doing this while starting insightful conversations to bring peace to conflict areas in the world like Colombia. Enquiry Read more about Cards Against Conflict[…]

Get to Know Our Speakers: Purposeful Leadership Roundtable Discussion

Here at People On The Grid,  we are excited for the roundtable discussion we are hosting on September 20th. Not only will we get to hear the importance of purposeful leadership and the tangible impact it has on businesses, but we will be in Cloud Coworking’s beautiful roof top space. As we get ready for Read more about Get to Know Our Speakers: Purposeful Leadership Roundtable Discussion[…]

Conscious Capitalism: Bringing Ethics into an Amoral System

Keeping in theme with our blog post about purposeful leadership, we want to highlight a way that business leaders are tying in consciousness even further into their work. How’s that? By changing the system their company operates in. Capitalism is an amoral system, meaning that it is devoid of ethics and consciousness. This is to Read more about Conscious Capitalism: Bringing Ethics into an Amoral System[…]

Conscious Fashion: 8 Tips to Stay Stylish and Sustainable

Think about the last article of clothing you bought. Are you committed to wearing that dress, shirt, or trousers at least 30 times? If the answer is no, then save your money and start saving the planet.   Sustainable fashion is about bringing consciousness into the way clothes are manufactured and worn. This practice is Read more about Conscious Fashion: 8 Tips to Stay Stylish and Sustainable[…]

Purposeful Leadership: Change Your Business and the World Around You

Actions have consequences. This seems like a common statement, but how many people contemplate this statement when carrying out their day-to-day activities or running a business?   Purposeful leadership is a new approach to management, and can be as a management tool in business or even in your daily life. The concept is simple. Just Read more about Purposeful Leadership: Change Your Business and the World Around You[…]

One Step At A Time

  Adventure. Excitement. Danger. Charity?   The Put Foot Rally combines these aspects and more into their philanthropy. The organization calls on adrenaline-seeking teams to travel 9,000 kilometers across six African countries in 18 days. Barcelona will be sending its own team, the Hot Chili Chicas, to journey their way through the sights and sounds of Read more about One Step At A Time[…]

World Mobile Congress and 4YFN Week

Mobile World Congress (MWC) week is just around the corner! From February 26 to March 1, tech giants will be exhibiting new and exciting products and hosting numerous conferences, workshops, and keynote presentations at MWC. From February 26 to 28, 4 Years From Now (4YFN) will also be alongside MWC showcasing startups with opportunities for Read more about World Mobile Congress and 4YFN Week[…]

slow fashion

The Slow Fashion Movement

Having already discussed the slow movement in a previous blog, we thought it would be interesting to delve into the world of slow fashion. After all, whether or not we are all style experts, we all wear clothes at one point or another. Most of us buy from big brands, the fast fashion industry, usually for convenience. Emerging in the later half of the twenty-first century, the Fast Fashion industry is represented by the giants such as Zara, H&M, and Joe Fresh. Their low prices and fast cat-walk to rack ratio means that people can be stylish at lost cost, but also low quality. It’s designed to move quickly, and make you feel like you need to buy something new every week to stay in style.