October 27, 2017

What I Do

What I Do

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Discussing ideas with the Flames sisters at Hub Dot Barcelona.

Katrina communicates people’s businesses and ideas and strategises to help them create their vision and brand.  She helps build people’s skills and focus their business in order to connect with their target audience so that they can create content around this. Her clients are mainly disruptive thinkers who are building upon new ideas to create positive change. Katrina also collaborates with more established professionals to connect them with their ideal clients.


Talent Matching

Connect to your people

I match you with the right people who are looking for a synergy amongst talent and skills, ideally suited for your business. Get in touch if you are interested and we can find your perfect match.



Panel focused discussion

I moderate at conferences and lead panel discussions. I connect and interact with the audience and facilitate questions relating to the topic and panel discussions. I am also able to improvise in order to facilitate an interesting and educative discussion.



Find your audience

I offer educational workshops to promote you and your business by creating content while simultaneously engaging and educating your audience.


Business Boost

I work with a team of people that build on giving your business a boost both on and offline. Our team is focused on finding ways to build your audience and generate business with your ideal customers, through strategy, brand awareness, and people contacts. Our packages offer advising, consulting, content creation, promotion, and marketing options to help you accelerate your business or project. We want to give visibility to people that are doing good and deserve recognition.

If you are just starting out with a great idea or if you are an expert in your field, I would love to hear from you and see if there is a synergy to connect you to my community. While I am based in Barcelona and London, I work with clients globally and I actively travel and create communities from city to city. If you are interested or have any questions regarding these services, please contact me at info@katrinalogie.com