November 15, 2017

The Collective

The Collective is a group of trusted communication experts and professionals who help positive disruptive businesses gain visibility, expand and develop their projects, and achieve their business goals. By consciously working together, the members of the Collective guide and support businesses in marketing, communication strategy, branding, and events.

We offer personalised support and can tailor our services to suit your business requirements.  We believe in communicating projects that are the change for tomorrow.

Annalisa Pellegrino



Annalisa is an expert in corporate, music, and art events. She also has experience in PR, branding, and product development. She currently works in communication strategies and business development at The Dream VR, a start-up that focuses on virtual reality production.

Jo Turnbull



Jo specializes in digital marketing. She also has over nine years of experience in website design, development and online marketing and SEO. Jo is a multi-linguist, fluently speaking French and English and intermediate Japanese and Spanish.

Steve O’Brien



Steve is the co-founder Media Messaging, a pan-European communications coaching and “light touch” PR agency. He has more than 25 years in corporate communications, consumer PR and stakeholder management. Steve is also experienced in social media marketing and media relations.

Lidia Medina



Lidia is passionate about event management. She is an expert in event management, marketing, and public relations. She also has experience working with successful non-profit and for-profit organizations. Lidia is also the marketing and PR manager at NOE Group.

Olivia Gauss



Olivia specializes in project management as well as branding and communication both online & offline. She also has experience with account management, network coordination, content copyrighting, and video production.

Robin Lindgren



Robin Lindgren is a digital media and business developer. He is a videographer and editor based in Barcelona and owns his own platform called Raw Motions that he founded in 2016. Robin is also passionate about music, video, and other forms of artistic expression.

Valentina Cristofoli


Valentina is a conscious business marketing specialist. She is an online marketing strategist and consultant with a bachelor’s degree in marketing & advertising and a master’s degree in internet business. She has many years of experience in digital marketing with companies and digital marketing agencies, planning, as well as experience managing online campaigns, working for clients in travel and retail sectors, BtoB, SMB, and NGOs. She is passionate about digital social innovation, entrepreneurship, and new business models focused on social and environmental sustainability.

Paula Haunit



Paula specializes in brand strategy and positioning, financial planning, marketing strategy and international expansion. She is the founder of a conscious clothing company that focuses on sustainable fashion. Her work with the UK Government and the Bank of Scotland has also provided her with senior-level experience in e-commerce business development, corporate and economic analysis, and project management.