November 15, 2017

The Collective

Jo Turnbull

Jo in incharge of digital marketing. She has over nine years experience in website design, development and online marketing and SEO! She is also a multi-linguist, speaking fluent French and intermediate Japanese and Spanish.

Lidia Medina



Lidia is our event manager. She is an expert in event management, marketing, and public relations. She also has experience working with successful organizations, both charitable and profit driven. Lidia is also the marketing and PR manager at NOE Group!

Olivia Gauss



Olivia is our project manager. She specializes in branding/communication both online & offline. She also has experience with account management & network coordination, content copywriting and video production.

Robin Lindgren



Robin Lindgren is our Digital Media and Business Developer. He is a videographer and editor, based in Barcelona and owns his own platform called Raw Motions that is started in 2016. Robin is passionate about music, video as well as many other forms of artistic expression.