Discussing The Evolution of Digital Marketing with Stephanie Schwab

Stephanie Schwab is a digital marketing pioneer, Founder and CEO at Crackerjack Marketing and Digital Marketing programme Co-Director at Harbour.Space. She joins Katrina Logie to talk about the early days of digital marketing, the industry’s future, and bringing erotica on palm pilots.

Interview with Constance Chiogor Ikokwu, Founder and President of the African Press Club

Today I met Constance Chiogor Ikokwu, Fouder and President of the African Press Club. She has been in the journalist sphere since 2001 and is currently doing a doctorate in Barcelona. 

She had the vision to create a professional and social organization for bonafide journalists and others in the business of news. 

The club supports African journalists globally by providing a meeting place and community for professional and social purposes as well as acting as a business center. It also provides services that are designed to help journalists sharpen their skills, adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing profession, and stay on top of their game.

People On The Grid with Marina Bichara Rocha

Today we spoke with Marina Bichara Rocha, an Innovation Specialist and co-founder of La Casa Secreta, a travel company that provides all inclusive experiences in secret destinations around the world. Marina describes La Casa Secreta as an “itinerant house” with experiences including gastronomy, wine, and activities that put guests in close contact with nature and the local culture of their stay. During the interview, Marina discusses how the concept for La Casa Secreta began, and some examples of what guests can expect when booking one of these unique trips.


People On The Grid with Laila Pilgren

Today we spoke with Laila Pilgren, founder of Hesting Club, a “horse school” in which clients can learn about the behaviors of her horse Lio, and spend time surrounded by nature in a respectful, thoughtful way. During the interview, Laila discusses how clients can take their time to groom Lio, take him for a walk, play with him, and learn various leadership skills through being with him. Find out more about his unique concept and learn how Laila became involved in working with horses!

People On The Grid with Victor Coutin

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we interviewed Victor Coutin, Founder and CEO, Lead Technology and Creative Director of Aire Fresco Meditation and Mindfulness App. Victor became involved with meditation during a difficult time in his personal life, and now strives to help others through the positive powers of mindfulness, meditation, and self-love. During the interview, Victor talked to us about the impact of meditation on personal health, sleep and self-confidence. Whether you are in a relationship, happily single, or looking for love this Valentine’s Day, find out how meditation and mindfulness can bring you closer to loving the most important person in your life: you!