People On The Grid with Dr. Dulamdary Enkhtor

In this podcast, done by Andrej Klemenčič, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dulamdary Enkhtor a coach and organizational consultant at Synergy Experts. She is a psychologist who focuses on addressing the individual, human side of an organization and applies it in Corporate Wellness training to create holistic leadership and team-building programs, which are thought-provoking and as unique as the person who facilitates them. (more…)

People On The Grid Interview with Anna Giselle Toro

People On The Grid with Anna Giselle Toro

It’s hard to come by someone who doesn’t love wine. The divine creation is consumed in all corners of the globe, but did you know that in 2014 Spain was the largest wine exporter in the world? Although it’s consumed on a regular basis by people everywhere (and especially here in Barcelona), how many of us know exactly what’s inside of it? As Anna Giselle Toro mentions in our recent podcast, unlike a carton of milk or a box of cereal, wine bottles do not need to indicate all of their contents. An interesting thought!


People On The Grid Interview with Sergi Tarragona

People On The Grid with Sergi Tarragona

In this, People On The Grid podcast Sergi Tarragona, founder of Cloud Co-working at only 25 years old! Barcelona has recently transformed itself as a co-working hotspot. Cloud Coworking brings together an international community of entrepreneurs with currently 15 different nationalities. Sharing knowledge and helping others out – is the foundation of Cloud Coworking.


People On The Grid Interview with Valerie Aubert Pietri

People On The Grid with Valérie Aubert Pietri

Today we met with Valérie Aubert Pietri, co-founder of Apocapoc Coworking Space and inspiring sustainable living leader. In our interview, she discusses her journey as well as the importance of sustainability in her lifestyle. She hopes to inspire people to change their daily habits to be more sustainable – by changing their diets and many little things such as buying second-hand clothes, riding your bicycle and using windows to cool and heat your home. (more…)