February 7, 2017

About me


I am originally from London, I studied Fine Art and Business in Cambridge, UK.  In 2009 I made a decision to move to Barcelona, following my grandmothers footsteps who spent 10 years in Spain as a painter.  I have spent 15 years working in communications and marketing and now dedicate my work in promoting innovative talent and working to build communities through content that combine both creativity and business and focus on conscious values and positive change.

I work as a communications specialist as well as creating content for businesses and moderating at conferences is the foundation of my work. I help my clients improve their communications strategy in order to grow their businesses and reach their target audiences. Communications is the field in which I specialize and help my clients communicate their brand. I have taught customer relations, presentation skills, public speaking, and business communications at Euroaula Travel and Tourism, part of the University of Girona. In addition to teaching, I also have professional experience in customer relations, events, project management, management consulting, retail, the arts and for a startup in the food and drinks sector.

I currently facilitate events, moderate at conferences, and create content to promote people and their projects and promote them into communities. Ultimately it is my passion for innovation, conscious business, community building that have lead me to where I am today. Through People On The Grid I add value to projects through content creation and public promotion.

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  • Communications
  • Community engagement
  • Content curation
  • Education
  • Events
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Moderating and Facilitation
  • Promotion

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  • Growth: We are constantly growing and changing. Weather you wish to re-brand or start something new I encourage my clients to take risks, be bold and I specialize in finding the right time and strategy to do so. 
  • Resourceful: I am always thinking of creative ways to overcome obstacles, turn disadvantages into advantages, and find the right people for the right solutions. 
  • Influence: I strive to create positive change through creating and promoting innovative ideas. I am constantly asking questions, discovering new trends, and challenging my self to think and grow in new ways.
  • Drive: I bring energy and enthusiasm to new ideas and concepts. I see challenges as oppretunities to grow and demonstrate perseverance untill a positive outcome is reached.