About Katrina

Katrina Logie 

Promoter, Connector, Interviewer

Katrina is originally from London and has been living in Barcelona since 2009. She followed her grandmother’s footsteps who was an artist living in Spain for 10 years and brought people together from all walks of life. Katrina felt very connected to her and her lifestyle. Connections are extremely important to her and connecting people and communities is something she is very passionate about and what she has made her work about.

She studied Fine Art and Business Studies in Cambridge, UK. She likes to bring the creatives to the business world and open each other’s eyes to their worlds. Her working life has been in project management, retail, management consulting, the arts, and the startup sector in food. Katrina has experience in facilitating events, moderating at conferences, and interviewing people and their projects. Ultimately her passions and experiences led her to where she is today. The Grid is a network fusing people with innovative projects who are businesses and changemakers looking to make a positive impact in the world. She is an influencer and creator so she adds value through this channel to bring ideas to clients and promote them. Katrina loves to travel and learn about the diverse cultures and philosophy behind cultures. She is very passionate about business innovation, the arts, and gastronomy. Visit her LinkedIn page for more information.

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  • Growth: Katrina is constantly growing and changing by being bold and taking risks to help individuals and businesses grow. She is always looking to the future and helping others expand their recognition in the community.
  • Resourceful: Katrina realizes that we are not always in control of situations, but she sees this uncertainty as a chance to be proactive. She likes to think in news ways to overcome obstacles and when she cannot prevent them she uses my connections to react accordingly.
  • Influence: Katrina strives to create positive change in the world around her through innovative ideas. She is constantly asking questions, discovering new trends, and staying on top of an ever-changing world.
  • Drive: Katrina creates energy and enthusiasm towards new ideas and concepts. This is evident in her work, especially in difficult projects, as she always demonstrates perseverance to create a positive outcome.