February 7, 2017


These are the people we support in the local community

Animated Gif Radio Show: Friday’s 11am-12pm 106.9FM Radio Kanal Barcelona

Animated Gif will bring you the best English chit chat for all the movers and shakers of Barcelona’s international crowd. The show is co-hosted by, Deborah Gray and Carrie Frais. The name Animated GiF stems from their initials of their last names “G” and “F, ” and their profession in the communications industry. Together they co-founded BremainInSpain a lobby group representing the interests of British ex-pats following the Brexit vote.

Deborah is the “G” in Animated GiF. She is a British ex-pat who has been living in Spain since 2001. Deborah is the founder of the award-winning public relations agency Canela PR Canela PR was founded in Barcelona in 2006 and expanded to Madrid in 2008 and to Lisbon in 2010.

Carrie represents the “F” in Animated Gif. She is a professional Radio and Television presenter and reporter carriefrais.co.uk and has worked for some of the world’s leading broadcasters like BBC, CNN, ITN. Carrie moved to Barcelona in 2003. Since being here, she has founded FiG Communications; a Barcelona-based creative agency specializing in copywriting, web design and development, PR & advertising. Some of her other projects include intoBarcelona.com and MumAbroad.com.


Dinners That Matter LogoA non-profit organization in the center of Barcelona, Dinners that Matter seeks to promote community through connecting locals, restaurants, and other businesses. DTM events and participating restaurants donate their nightly proceeds to a foundation chosen for the night. Click on the image to visit their website.


Guiris en Barcelona is a platform oriented to show the hidden and alternative Barcelona to expats and travelers connecting the international community to the locals. They are focused on the promotion of local commerce, emerging projects, sustainability and young entrepreneurs helping them to get more visibility in the international community.


Located in Spain, The Guiri Business Group is a LinkedIn community that was founded in hopes of facilitating expat and local professional networking. Click on the image to visit their website.



Barcelona Metropolitan Collab

An online news website that gives insight into all things involving Barcelona. From fine dining to healthcare, education and lifestyle advice. The Metropolitan is the dream webpage for all things English-speaking in Barcelona. Click on the image to visit their website.


The Weekly Noticias is a weekly radio show with Spanish comedians and international celebrity guests, doing their best to explain the weekly noticias in Spain and beyond … in almost perfect English, sometimes Spanish, often in Spanglish. Each semana, two teams respond to inane and bizarre questions ranging from politics to cultura, corruption to deportes, sometimes receiving points for their answers, but most likely nada.


Barcelona BBQ LogoIt goes unknown that Barcelona is the barbecue capital of Europe. Barcelona BBQ seeks to celebrate Barcelona as a culinary hot spot by giving information on upcoming events, recipes, product reviews, etc. Click on the image to visit their website.


Street Child Logo

Street Child is a charity based out of the United Kingdom, established in 2008. Street Child aims to create educational opportunities for some of the world’s most vulnerable children in urban and rural areas. Their mission is to empower children through education and to provide families support so they can lift themselves out of extreme poverty.  Click on the image to visit their website.