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I was brought up in London, I studied fine art and business. I had a career spanning across the arts, luxury retail, management consulting, lifestyle brands, food start up, using my skills of marketing, project managing, communications, promoting, research, event planning and teaching. 

I have lived and worked in London, Italy, Sydney and now Barcelona.  I moved to Spain in 2009 which felt like my second home, having had my grandmother living in Spain as an artist for 10 years and felt I would follow in her footsteps.  I now spend my time for work between Barcelona and London. 

I have spent over 20 years working in communications and strategy; I now dedicate my time to promoting innovative forward thinking people, projects and communities that are creating a better future and positive impact. I connect them to their target audience through content strategy. I host events, moderate and facilitate at live events as well as content creation and finding talent in specific sectors.