People On The Grid Interview with FoodInno

People On The Grid with Food Inno

Food Inno. Wow. What a way to become change makers and facilitate community and problem-solving. This one-day idea building competition will gather together the most passionate foodies, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and innovation lovers for a session of problem-solving, aiming to rapidly prototype innovative solutions that the food industry needs today.


The Top 5 Places in the World to Spend New Year’s

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching; will you celebrate it in a tiny city or another fantastic place? Some people like to stay in the same place to celebrate New Years every year. But some of us like to travel the world and find some great places to celebrate another year. For those people, I have made the top 5 where you definitely should spend New Years once in your life.

People On The Grid Interview with Nuria Palma

People On The Grid with Nuria Palma

In this week’s People On The Grid podcast, we chatted with Nuria Palma, a Communication Manager at Valkiria Hub space. We discussed the World Work Innovation Summit 2016. This year’s conference was a great success with more than 100 participants. The Summit welcomes all and has many different dynamics surrounding the topic of the future of work and labour market.


It’s Christmas Time in the Catalan Capital

As of November 25th, the lights in Barcelona have been turned on. That can only mean one thing: It’s officially Christmas time. Every year, this city is filled to the brim with celebrations, festivals and markets that are sure to put anyone in the Christmas mood.

If this is your first Christmas in the Catalan capital, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.


People On The Grid Interview with Flavia Idun

People On The Grid with Flavia Idun

In this weeks, People On The Grid podcast, we chatted with Flavia Idun. Flavia is a qualified practitioner of Kinesiology in Barcelona. She explains the benefits of Kinesiology and shows the success she has had with clients of all ages. Practicing Kinesiology helps Flavia treat a wide variety of health problems. Flavia has been practicing kinesiology for many years now, but now wants to expand from practicing to include teaching it and incorporating it into schools.


The Filter Bubble

Having evolved from their frivolous origins, online networks are now being used to mitigate crises, crowdsource journalism, connect multinational enterprises, and countless other uses.

But our over-reliance on these networks often involves a hefty price tag.

Surveys have revealed that an astonishing number of individuals receive their news from social media — by some estimates, over 40% of adults. While this may, on the one hand, be hailed as progress towards an informed society, there is heavy concern about the so-called “echo-chamber” bias.