Dine & Dash – Forgetting to Pay or Choosing Not To?

My story about the one time I dined and dashed. I actually forgot to pay

I stared at the bottom of my foam-stained coffee cup; silently mourning the loss of the soothing warmth the caffeinated beverage had so briefly offered me. Maybe just one more for the road, my conscience murmured enticingly. You’ve earned it. In reality, my sluggish mind was trying to find a reason to justify putting off the long walk back home, at least for a little while…

I abruptly cut my reverie short – another intern was expecting me on the other side of town before long and I was already running late. I refused to use being in Barcelona, Spain, where it is customary for people to be a few minutes behind schedule, as an excuse to dawdle any longer than I already had. […]

The Culture of a Collaborative Economy

When I decided to live and work in Barcelona this summer, I had no idea what the concept of “collaborative economy” was. After just a few days in the city, I soon realized that this type of business practice has emerged as a very significant part of the culture and the economy of not just Barcelona, but many cities across the world.

A collaborative economy is one in which businesses are based on horizontal practices and the participation of the community. This type of model runs on trust and closer relationships between the producer and the consumer.

The collaboration is often virtual, interacting with online networks and building communities of people from around the world. However, many cities also utilize in-person, peer-to-peer networking and interaction between companies based in the same area. […]

POTG Video Interview at Sonar 2016

People On the Grid: Sonar 2016

This year at Sonar 2016, we got to interview so many interesting people about their interesting projects. These interviews give us a closer look at innovative and exciting new technology such as a real-time music composer that makes original tunes based on your surroundings, and objects that can empathise with their users! Watch to learn more about these and many more ideas! […]

Fuel 4 Fridays: Brexit, The Power of Good PR, and Some Morning Drinking!

brexit fuel 4 fridaysIn this week’s Fuel4Fridays English radio episode, our special guests Carrie from Lucas Fox BCN, Francis from Six Wine Stories, and Deborah from Canela PR lay Brexit out on the table! From the implications for expats living in Spain to the effects on those buying real estate in Britain or abroad, we pick this topic apart for the non-Brexit inclined and lay out the facts. Because this is no easy topic, Six Wine Stories was kind enough to provide a live mini wine tasting for us, right on air! From beheaded kings to war trenches, each bottle has a story and Francis tells us the rich history behind the exquisite taste.


Sustainable and Ethical Living: Coffee

If you are an adult living in the U.S., there is an 83% chance that you are a coffee drinker. Though it is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, people around the world still have different opinions of the benefits and consequences of this habit. Is it good or bad for our health? While some blame the caffeinated drink for several health issues, other studies showed it can lead to a longer life. I definitely enjoy my morning wake-me-up. Like many products we buy, coffee is produced most by low-income families in under-developed countries.